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International conference „Perspectives and Discourses on Sexual Harassment in International Higher Education Contexts“

Datum & Uhrzeit: 13. Jun 2018 bis 15 Jun 2018, 00:00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: Freie Universität Berlin, Seminarzentrum » Wo ist das?


Keynotes: Dr. Rita Laura Segato ǀ Dr. Katrin List

Sexual harassment constitutes a human rights violation and therefore the topic has to be put on the agenda of publicly funded institutions most of all in times when right-wing populists not only try to discredit women’s rights but also gender equality and gender research. To effectively address sexual harassment at the university level, more knowledge on prevalence, manifestations and effects as well as on favorable and prohibitive circumstances is required. As sexual harassment is a global phenomenon and universities in many countries (as well as societies as a whole) struggle in addressing the topic, implementing an international perspective on the topic will be very useful for a deeper understanding and very insightful in order to achieve change.

The purpose of the international conference is to discuss the global phenomenon of sexual harassment and assault in the higher education context. The conference aims to hereby give the subject adequate scholarly attention.

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