Nothing About Us Without Us? Roma Participation in Policy Making and Knoledge Production

Journal of the European Roma Rights Center 2/2015. With focus on Gender and LGBTQIA topics: LGBTQIA, Feminism and Romani Studies Jekatyerina Dunajeva, Angéla Kóczé and Sarah Cemlyn; Still Missing Intersectionality: The relevance of feminist methodologies in the struggle for the rights of Roma Jelena Jovanovic ’ and Anna Csilla Daróczi; Speaking from the Margins Angéla Kóczé; The Queer Gypsy Daniel Baker; Faced with Multiple ‘Values’ – From the Perspective of the Roma LGBTQ Community Máté Dezso; “They become stigmatised in their own family” – Interview with a Roma LGBTQ activist David Tišer.

Journal of the European Roma Rights Center 2/2015 online.